Top Factors To Consider When Deciding On The Size Of A Pool

Oklahoma City pools

Oklahoma City pools vary in size, design and depth. How do you know what type of pool you want? Below are some factors that can help you decide if you want a large sized pool or one that suits your conservative lifestyle.

Clean Up Expenses

Large Oklahoma City pools are harder to clean because of the surface area. Instead of the bigger is better mindset; one should consider the maintenance costs of the facility. Naturally, a large pool requires more time and effort to clean and can be costly. If you can’t clean the pool yourself, you may need to hire a cleaner to come by every week or make sure everything is in order.

Oklahoma City pools

When it comes to Oklahoma City pool maintenance, there is more to maintaining a pool that keeping it clean. The filtration system has to be working optimally. Additionally, the water chlorine and pH levels must be ideal. Don’t forget that the longer you wait to address these concerns, the harder and more expensive it maybe to fix in the future.

How Will It Be Used?

If you have a large family, chances are you need a medium or large Oklahoma City pool. If you are just interested in doing laps, then you may not need a wide pool. Some may even be surprised that all they really need is a hot tub! Before you invest in a pool, you should first think how you will use it in the future. Maybe you don’t know how to swim yet, but intend to learn and use your pool as an exercise tool. Regardless of how you want to use your Oklahoma City pool, you will get more out of it by maximizing its usage.

Oklahoma City pools


Most pools have a gradual dip in depth, instead of a sharp 30 feet drop. For smaller pools, it may not be ideal to have an extremely deep pool. On the other hand, large pools have the space to make small, incremental changes in depth. Deeper pools are also harder to maintain. When considering the size of your Oklahoma City pool, depth should not be left out.

Have you decided on what size you want your next pool to be? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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