Tips For Teaching Children How To Swim

children swimming

Every summer is an opportunity for parents to teach their child how to swim. Most people did not learn how to swim through a class. Their friends or relatives taught them the basics and they picked it up naturally.

This article is filled with tips on how to teach your child the basic techniques of swimming. For more technically methods, one should definitely consider swimming lessons with a certified instructor.

Keep it interesting

When teaching a child to swim make sure things are kept fun and playful. Children’s attention spans are short, and water toys and skills work wonders for the lesson. In much of good teaching, it’s 75% enthusiasm and 25% educated skill.

kids swimming

Should I use a floatation device?

These devices actually retard a child’s progress for proper swimming. Though parents use these with good intentions, the problem lies in that floaties are designed to keep the child vertical in the water, and a bent leg kick is then developed to navigate around the pool.

When floaties are taken off, the child instinctively tries to kick the same way, and this kick forces her down under water and even greater fear sets in. Children who’ve not used floaties tend to learn about two to three times faster than the floaties kids. Not surprisingly this disclaimer is never found on the carton of floaties at the store.


Exposure to water

Encourage your child to blow toys across the surface of the water, and then with their chin under the water to blow bubbles under the water even blowing bubbles through a straw can help! It sometimes a good idea to try goggles on for the first time in the bath or shower to get used to the sensation, and seeing the effect of wearing goggles underwater. Remember games are a great way for children to learn and practice.


Once they are familiar with water, teach them how to kick using a kickboard. Eventually they will start using one hand for the task. Afterwards, they will glide and understand the mechanics of swimming.

Swimming, like all things, takes practice. One should supervise their child while playing in the pool at all times. When your child gathers the confidence, he or she can easily acquire the skill in due time.

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Are you teaching your child how to swim this summer? What are some ways you are doing this? Share you experience with us.

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