What You Need To Know About Pool Building In The Winter

winter pool

Summer is about to come to a close and it’s time to settle in for the winter. This is a great time to call your Oklahoma City pool builder and have one built. As a result, you can have a nice, relaxing pool just in time for next year.

Below are some tips for building a pool in Oklahoma City during the winter season.

winter pool

1. Make sure your pool gets built on time.

Like it or not, pool installation projects don’t always finish on schedule. Delays happen, usually because of rainy or inclement weather. While some delays are avoidable, others can’t be helped. Starting a pool construction early is smart planning and gives you a cushion in case of delays.

2. Time to make additions and updates.

You may want to make some updates to your pool after its built. There’s no better time to do that while no one is using it! Building a pool in Oklahoma City is only half of the task. Essentially, you still have to setup landscape and accessories.

winter pool

3. Some (not all) pool builders give discounts during the winter season.

During the winter months the swimming pool business slows down and sub-contractors will negotiate to make sure they get your business. There may be 5% to 10% negotiating room depending on how low the price was to start with. Cash is a great incentive for many sub-contractors.

When the summer months hit, business picks up and there is usually less negotiating room. It is a gamble if you are thinking about waiting for the winter months to build and save some money. Many times there can be drastic changes in fuel or materials cost from season to season. Sub-contractors have no control over the cost changes.

Remember, it is best not to expect to receive a discount from your local pool builder. In this case, I am just highlighting a trend that is very common. If your pool builder offers you a discount, then by all means you should take advantage of it.

To conclude, building a pool in Oklahoma City during the winter can save you money and help you make a smooth transition for the next year’s summer season.

Even if you don’t build in the winter, you should plan your swimming pool early and try to start building in the spring to avoid the rush.

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