Finding The Right Pool Cover For Your Oklahoma City Pool

Oklahoma City pool

In order to keep a pool in tip-top condition, it is best to invest in a pool cover. Unfortunately, there are several types to choose from. Depending on where you live may determine the kind you’ll be using often.

Not sure what type of pool cover you need? Below are the most popular types to choose from if you live in Oklahoma City.

Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers are designed to trap heat in the pool by stopping evaporation which can also lead to the heating up of the water. Keep in mind, though, that solar pool covers are not really considered a safety cover, as they only floats freely on top of your Oklahoma City pool. Their basic function is to prolong your pool season, and they are not as effective in keeping debris out.

Oklahoma City pool

Leaf Net

As the name implies, a leaf net is simply a net that traps leaves, debris, and other plant materials from getting into your pool. A leaf net is relatively easy to use – simply weigh it down or anchor it, and it will do a good job of keeping leaves and larger and heavier debris from your pool. You can choose from two types of leaf nets: in ground or above ground.

Winter Pool Cover

A winter pool cover is useful for the harsh icy season. This is initially a harder cover than the normal type and is designed to withstand strong winds that come with blizzards and heavy snow.

Oklahoma City pool builder

Safety Pool Cover

A safety pool cover is ideal if you would like to prevent use or access to your swimming pool. This is especially effective if you have small children and would like to ensure that they are safe from pool accidents when you are not around. There are standard net or mesh form covers equipped with holes that are too small for a child to fit through, and there are also solid safety pool covers which keep basically everything out of your pool from your children to pets and leaves, as well as organic debris.

Lastly, if you’re not sure what type of cover you need, it is recommended to ask your Oklahoma City pool builder for advice. They are always there to help!

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