Everything You Need To Know Floatation Devices


We all have one, or chances are you know someone who has one.

I’m talking about floatation devices.

These days, they come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common ones wrap around your arm, shaped like a tube or a spaghetti strand; or resemble an animal. Regardless of your preference, floatation devices are not being used the way they should. There aren’t enough guides out there that elaborate on the proper usage of these summer toys.

Below shines light on the biggest misconception floatation devices and what you can do about it.


They Aren’t Designed To Save Your Life

The floaty that you buy at the toy store is not the same thing as the one that your local lifeguard uses at the beach or public pool. It’s just not made the same way. If you read the tag of all swimming pool toys, there are usually disclaimers that indicate the boundaries of the floaties.

In compromising situations, the toys will fail you. Instead, it is best to ensure that you and your family are strong swimmers, rather than filling up the pool with small floatation devices.


You’re Leaving Them Out Too Long

Have you ever owned a floatation device that lost air without a punctured hole? Or maybe you started to notice the surface is showing signs of wear and tear.

This is probably due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Intense heat can hurt your swimming toys. It can cause them to get thin, making it very easy to puncture using your nails. When you’re not using your floatation devices, let the air out and bring them inside.

baby pool

You Shouldn’t Use Them Outside Of The Pool

Kids get excited and use floatation devices at home before a swimming trip the next day. It’s hard to prevent but they shouldn’t do it. Most of the wear and tear of floatation devices happens outside of the pool. They just aren’t designed for anything else but the water.

If you want the toys to last long, you have to limit their usage. This includes using them as an extra cushion, or pillow. Lastly, don’t forget to educate your kids on floatation devices. They’ll thank you later for the revealing insights.

What are some of your favorite summer toys for the pool? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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