How To Choose A Lawn Chair For Your Oklahoma City Pool

Oklahoma City pool

Lawn chairs are the first accessories most owners buy for their Oklahoma City pool. These days, there are numerous options for lawn chairs. Below highlights how to choose the right one without burning a hole in your budget.

Oklahoma City pool

What to check for:

  • Does the seat height seem right for the table height? A table that feels too high or too low won’t be conducive to relaxed entertaining.
  • Is the table designed to give everyone’s legs plenty of clearance, or do the legs seem to get in the way? Does the tabletop have an ample overhang to allow people to pull their chairs close?
  • Are armrests matched to the table height, or are they so high that you can’t pull chairs close?
  • Are armrests designed for comfort? Wide, flat armrests are generally better, but that’s often a function of style. Wicker, for example, usually has very wide armrests, while wrought iron may have very narrow ones. The crucial test is whether they feel comfortable to you.
  • Are chair seats roomy side to side and front to back? Are chair backs slanted at a comfortable angle? Obviously, you don’t want to feel as if you have to squeeze in between the armrests. But you also don’t want to feel dwarfed by the chairs, unable to slide all the way into the seat to reach the chair back.

Oklahoma City pool

Keeping Your Lawn Chairs Clean

The furniture’s material determines maintenance requirements. Routine washing with warm, soapy water works for most outdoor Oklahoma City furniture. That’s about all you need to do with aluminum pieces.

Hose down plastic outdoor wicker to remove airborne dust and dirt; that way, you can wash it with soap less often. However, it’s a good idea to keep water away from genuine wicker.

Unfinished teak will weather to a silvery gray. If that’s the look you’re after, you need do nothing to achieve it. (Teak, a naturally oily wood, is used for ship decking and other marine applications; rain won’t harm it.) But if you want to preserve teak’s rich, golden-brown color, you’ll have to sand the furniture and apply teak oil annually.

Steel and wrought iron need to be painted to prevent rust. You can cover the furniture to keep rain away; just uncover it when the skies clear so that condensation under the cover doesn’t lead to rust.

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