How To Choose A Lawn Chair For Your Oklahoma City Pool

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Lawn chairs are the first accessories most owners buy for their Oklahoma City pool. These days, there are numerous options for lawn chairs. Below highlights how to choose the right one without burning a hole in your budget.

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What to check for:

  • Does the seat height seem right for the table height? A table that feels too high or too low won’t be conducive to relaxed entertaining.
  • Is the table designed to give everyone’s legs plenty of clearance, or do the legs seem to get in the way? Does the tabletop have an ample overhang to allow people to pull their chairs close?
  • Are armrests matched to the table height, or are they so high that you can’t pull chairs close?
  • Are armrests designed for comfort? Wide, flat armrests are generally better, but that’s often a function of style. Wicker, for example, usually has very wide armrests, while wrought iron may have very narrow ones. The crucial test is whether they feel comfortable to you.
  • Are chair seats roomy side to side and front to back? Are chair backs slanted at a comfortable angle? Obviously, you don’t want to feel as if you have to squeeze in between the armrests. But you also don’t want to feel dwarfed by the chairs, unable to slide all the way into the seat to reach the chair back.

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Keeping Your Lawn Chairs Clean

The furniture’s material determines maintenance requirements. Routine washing with warm, soapy water works for most outdoor Oklahoma City furniture. That’s about all you need to do with aluminum pieces.

Hose down plastic outdoor wicker to remove airborne dust and dirt; that way, you can wash it with soap less often. However, it’s a good idea to keep water away from genuine wicker.

Unfinished teak will weather to a silvery gray. If that’s the look you’re after, you need do nothing to achieve it. (Teak, a naturally oily wood, is used for ship decking and other marine applications; rain won’t harm it.) But if you want to preserve teak’s rich, golden-brown color, you’ll have to sand the furniture and apply teak oil annually.

Steel and wrought iron need to be painted to prevent rust. You can cover the furniture to keep rain away; just uncover it when the skies clear so that condensation under the cover doesn’t lead to rust.

Should I Buy A Hot Tub For My Oklahoma City Pool?

Oklahoma City pool

When it comes to Oklahoma City pools, hot tubs are a must. It is a common trend that has swept the industry. This is because hot tubs are great for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Not everyone wants to do laps all the time. Below elaborate further on how to add a hot tub to your Oklahoma City pool.

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What Is A Hot Tub Attached To A Pool?

An inground hot tub is a lot like an inground Oklahoma City swimming pool, and has many of the same advantages and drawbacks. As with inground pools, they have a lower profile that blends easily into almost any setting. Rather than cluttering up your property, they can actually improve it in the same way a small pond or other water feature would.

On the downside, inground hot tubs are more expensive to install and maintain. Installation cost varies a lot depending on the materials used and many other factors, but you can expect to pay a minimum of $10,000 – and perhaps much more. That said, adding a spa to a new pool installation is often cheaper than installing one on its own or as part of a renovation.

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Best Options For Oklahoma City Pool Owners

As mentioned, adding an inground spa becomes more cost-effective if you’re already having a new pool installed. The same crew that installs your pool can also install the spa as part of a single project. The pool and hot tub may also be able to share things like heating, plumbing, and safety features.

If you have an older pool that needs freshening up, adding an attached spa is one (very expensive) way to renovate. However, if you’re just looking to add luxury and fun, an above ground hot tub might make more sense. It’s cheaper and offers more options for placement.

If you don’t already have an inground pool and aren’t planning one, getting an inground spa may expose you to a lot of complications normally associated with pool ownership (safety laws, permits, etc). On the other hand, the price of an inground hot tub is attractive if you view it as an alternative to building an Oklahoma City pool. When not constrained by an existing pool layout, another great option is to build an above ground spa into a deck.

Do you think a hot tub is a must for Oklahoma City pools? Let us know what you think.

New Gadgets For Your Oklahoma City Pool

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Your Oklahoma City pool needs to be equipped with the latest gadgets in order to ensure the safety of your family and friends. Such tools are not only essential, but they can also be very fun to use.

Oklahoma City Pool Alarms

Pool alarm sits in the pool and senses when there is enough disruption in the water to signify someone is in the pool.  It provides a magnetic-key activated swim mode so that it is easy to turn off while enjoying the pool but hard for children or teens to bypass.  It also uses its sensors to automatically shift out of swim mode when the water has been calm for a specific amount of time.  The Oklahoma City pool alarm can be turned off with a remote but the range of the remote is intentionally limited so that pool owners are required to check the pool area before turning the alarm off.

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Robot Pool Cleaner

While its great to have a pool to take those cooling dips on hot days, no one enjoys the experience of cleaning out algae and debris. There are numerous robotic cleaners out there that will take care of this for you, but picking the right one can be a tough choice. It is important to find one that is capable of cleaning deep pools, without damaging the gadget.

These days, you can find a robot pool cleaner that is wireless and can be controlled using an app or remote control. They can however, be very pricey. Therefore, it is best to do research before investing in one.

Secure Pool Gates

Pool gate alarms provide excellent protection by requiring a 4-digit pass code to open the gate.  The alarm sounds as soon as the gate is opened even an inch if the passcode has not been entered.  In addition, there is a reset button that can be placed in the inside of the gate for ease of use in exiting that doesn’t compromise the overall effectiveness of the alarm.

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What is your favorite Oklahoma City pool gadget? Share your comments and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Best Sanitation Methods For Your Oklahoma City Pool

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You have to keep your Oklahoma City pool clean. Below are the best ways you can do that and make sure that your family is free from bacteria and viruses.


Chlorine has historically been the most widely-used chemical for Oklahoma City swimming pool sanitization, though several alternative sanitation methods have recently gained popularity. It kills bacteria by undergoing a simple chemical reaction. In this chemical reaction, chlorine breaks down into hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions, which then oxidize bacteria until they are neutralized or destroyed.

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Salt Chlorine

Salt chlorine generators utilize a chemical process called electrolysis to form hypochlorous acid (a sanitizer) from salt and water. The key characteristic that distinguishes salt chlorine from its sanitizing counterparts is its ability to recycle itself. After the hypochlorous acid sanitizes the swimming pool water, it reverts back to salt, and then the process repeats. Salt chlorine generators have gained much popularity with Oklahoma City homeowners recently, and the market for them is likely to expand further in the near future.


Bromine is very similar to chlorine as it applies to swimming pool sanitization, though bromine’s byproducts differentiate it from chlorine. When chlorine reacts with contaminants in swimming pool water, chloramine is formed. Similarly, when bromine reacts with contaminants in swimming pool, bromamine is formed. The difference lies in the effect of these byproducts on the swimming pool. Whereas chloramines offer no benefit to swimming pool water, bromamines retain the sanitizing characteristics of bromine. For this reason, many homeowners have turned to bromine as their Oklahoma City swimming pool’s sanitizing agent.


Ozone is an unstable, inorganic gas that is created when free oxygen atoms collide with oxygen molecules. It is manufactured by subjecting oxygen molecules to either a high-voltage ionization process or to ultraviolet radiation. Most ozone generators utilize the high-voltage ionization process because it results in a much higher concentration of ozone (20% by the high-voltage ionization process versus 5% by ultraviolet radiation).

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Ionizers release ions of copper and hard metals into swimming pool water. Basically, they kill bacteria by exposing them to these ions. Two forms of ionizers exist. The first is an electric ionizer, which utilizes electricity to charge the metals until they release ions. The second is a mineral cartridge ionizer, which utilizes the water flow through a mineral packet to steadily release the metal ions.

How do you treat your Oklahoma City pool? Let us know what you think.

Top Factors To Consider When Deciding On The Size Of A Pool

Oklahoma City pools

Oklahoma City pools vary in size, design and depth. How do you know what type of pool you want? Below are some factors that can help you decide if you want a large sized pool or one that suits your conservative lifestyle.

Clean Up Expenses

Large Oklahoma City pools are harder to clean because of the surface area. Instead of the bigger is better mindset; one should consider the maintenance costs of the facility. Naturally, a large pool requires more time and effort to clean and can be costly. If you can’t clean the pool yourself, you may need to hire a cleaner to come by every week or make sure everything is in order.

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When it comes to Oklahoma City pool maintenance, there is more to maintaining a pool that keeping it clean. The filtration system has to be working optimally. Additionally, the water chlorine and pH levels must be ideal. Don’t forget that the longer you wait to address these concerns, the harder and more expensive it maybe to fix in the future.

How Will It Be Used?

If you have a large family, chances are you need a medium or large Oklahoma City pool. If you are just interested in doing laps, then you may not need a wide pool. Some may even be surprised that all they really need is a hot tub! Before you invest in a pool, you should first think how you will use it in the future. Maybe you don’t know how to swim yet, but intend to learn and use your pool as an exercise tool. Regardless of how you want to use your Oklahoma City pool, you will get more out of it by maximizing its usage.

Oklahoma City pools


Most pools have a gradual dip in depth, instead of a sharp 30 feet drop. For smaller pools, it may not be ideal to have an extremely deep pool. On the other hand, large pools have the space to make small, incremental changes in depth. Deeper pools are also harder to maintain. When considering the size of your Oklahoma City pool, depth should not be left out.

Have you decided on what size you want your next pool to be? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Back To School Season: Is This The Right Time To Call A Pool Builder?

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The summer season is over and your kids are back in school.

You have a lot of free time on your hands. Is it time to call your Oklahoma City pool builder? Below are signs in knowing if this time is perfect for adding something new to your backyard.

Preparation For Next Year

Having kids is great but it can slow things down if you’re trying to accomplish something. I personally wouldn’t want my kids around the home while there’s construction going on for safety reasons. That’s why if this is your concern, back to school season is the perfect time to talk to your Oklahoma City pool builder. Instead of doing last minute preparations, you should consider preparing as early as possible, even if it’s a year in advance.

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Your Neighbors Will Thank You Later

In case you don’t have kids, but your neighborhood is filled with kids, chances are you’re going to want to avoid them while the pool project is ongoing. Just like the reasons above, it makes sense to have a pool built at this time, as it could decrease injuries and liability.

Not As Hot And Not Yet Freezing

The blistering heat of the summer season is over. Winter hasn’t kicked into full gear yet. So why not build a pool? Instead of getting burned in the middle of summer while Oklahoma City pool builders are working in your backyard, it is recommended to consider a cooler part in the year, which is back to school season. During this time, the weather is more laidback, allowing professionals to accomplish more. It’s also not the middle of winter where bad, freezing weather can easily cause a delay. You don’t want that.

Oklahoma City pools

Less Projects, More Time

The summer season is filled with people who want a pool built. But why build a pool in the middle of summer? It doesn’t make sense. As a result, Oklahoma City pool builders are backed up with projects and installations. You don’t want to get in the middle of that. As summer winds down, so do pool installations. Now is the time you step in and call your Oklahoma City pool builder for a quote on your dream backyard.

Are you having a pool built around this time of the year? Share your thoughts with us below.

Top 5 Qualities Of An Oklahoma City Pool Builder

Oklahoma City pool builder

Finding a reliable Oklahoma City pool builder is not as difficult as you might think. You just have to know what to look out for. Because most pool builders offer the same services, it is best to consider other key elements that can help you decide on which company to commit to for your next backyard project.

Below are top 5 qualities of an Oklahoma City pool builder you should consider.


1. Well-informed

One characteristic that your Oklahoma City pool builder should possess is knowledge. He should be well-informed when it comes to construction and design. There is no point in hiring someone who doesn’t have a clue as to what he is supposed to do.

2. Experienced

The number of years and customers your Oklahoma City pool builder has serviced should make a huge impact on your choice. Don’t forget to ask for references and interview any of your neighbors or friends who have swimming pools.

3. Accomodating

A good Oklahoma City pool builder will take his time to answer any of your concerns and inquiries. He will make sure to meet your needs and work within your pace especially during the design, conceptualization and planning stages. Your not an expert in building pools. That’s why you’re hiring a professional to ensure that the job gets done right. The investment is not just in the materials and labor, but also the knowledge.


4. Open to suggestions

A good and professional builder is always open to suggestions. This should never intimidate him. He may be the experienced and knowledgeable one, but the owner should have the last say. At the end of the day, it will be you, the owner, who gets to enjoy your newly built swimming pool. On the other hand, your Oklahoma City pool builder should be able to draw a line in providing key insights on pool designs that simply won’t work or could be potentially hazardous in the long run.

5. Organized

A timetable is essential in keeping the entire project on track. An Oklahoma City pool builder who keeps a tight schedule and meets the deadlines for various parts of the project is worth committing to. Never settle for anything less, because in the long run you might encounter problems if your busy lifestyle overlaps with the project.

To conclude, one should take note of the qualities above to ensure their experience is complete and worthwhile. Good luck!

What You Need To Know About Pool Building In The Winter

winter pool

Summer is about to come to a close and it’s time to settle in for the winter. This is a great time to call your Oklahoma City pool builder and have one built. As a result, you can have a nice, relaxing pool just in time for next year.

Below are some tips for building a pool in Oklahoma City during the winter season.

winter pool

1. Make sure your pool gets built on time.

Like it or not, pool installation projects don’t always finish on schedule. Delays happen, usually because of rainy or inclement weather. While some delays are avoidable, others can’t be helped. Starting a pool construction early is smart planning and gives you a cushion in case of delays.

2. Time to make additions and updates.

You may want to make some updates to your pool after its built. There’s no better time to do that while no one is using it! Building a pool in Oklahoma City is only half of the task. Essentially, you still have to setup landscape and accessories.

winter pool

3. Some (not all) pool builders give discounts during the winter season.

During the winter months the swimming pool business slows down and sub-contractors will negotiate to make sure they get your business. There may be 5% to 10% negotiating room depending on how low the price was to start with. Cash is a great incentive for many sub-contractors.

When the summer months hit, business picks up and there is usually less negotiating room. It is a gamble if you are thinking about waiting for the winter months to build and save some money. Many times there can be drastic changes in fuel or materials cost from season to season. Sub-contractors have no control over the cost changes.

Remember, it is best not to expect to receive a discount from your local pool builder. In this case, I am just highlighting a trend that is very common. If your pool builder offers you a discount, then by all means you should take advantage of it.

To conclude, building a pool in Oklahoma City during the winter can save you money and help you make a smooth transition for the next year’s summer season.

Even if you don’t build in the winter, you should plan your swimming pool early and try to start building in the spring to avoid the rush.

General Guide To A Swimmer’s Diet

swimmer's diet

If you’re planning on adopting swimming in your fitness program, you need to consider adjusting your diet to suite your new training regiment.

Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy for muscles. An athlete’s diet should consist of approximately 60 percent of total calories from carbohydrates like breads, rice, cereal, pasta, bagels, muffins, fruits and vegetables. Athletes with low-carbohydrate diets cannot easily recover their pre-exercise muscle glycogen levels before their next workout.

Some swimmers are unable to eat after practice due to time constraints, lack of appetite or stomach discomfort. During these times a liquid meal replacement, such as a nutrition shake or a high-carbohydrate drink, can be used.

Staying Hydrated

A swimmer should keep taking fluid up to the start of training, and also during REST periods in a training session. Sports drinks provide the best form of complex carbohydrates, minerals and water replacement for the swimmer. Fluid loss during competing will affect performance if the body does not have adequate levels of fluid in reserve. Therefore, fluid replacement during exercise is extremely important to the swimmer. It is worth remembering that thirst is an extremely poor indicator that fluid is required by the body. A sports performer should drink fluid long before thirst arises.


Don’t Forget To Recover

Once the workout is over, it is very important that swimmers eat a regular breakfast. Most competitive swimmers work out six days a week. To recover from the workout, both fluid and fuel must be available to the body. If the meal can be eaten within 30 minutes after the workout, then the body can start the recovery process faster and be ready by the next practice to provide a quality workout.

Example of a Swimmer’s Daily Meal Schedule


  • Whole grain wheat bread/toast
  • 1 Bowl cereal
  • Baked beans
  • 1 Cup fresh fruit
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Glass Milk
  • Half a cup serving of cottage cheese


  • Tuna/ turkey/ chicken sandwich
  • 1 Large bowl of vegetable salad
  • Stuffed pitas
  • Whole grain pasta


  • Grilled fish
  • Lean Steak
  • Chicken soup
  • Brown rice
  • Stir fried veggies


  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Fresh fruit/ fruit salad
  • Fruit juice
  • Crackers
  • Granola bar
  • Low fat, dark chocolate


To conclude, a swimmer’s diet is very different from a weight loss program. Ample amounts of carbohydrates and snacks are required to maintain high energy levels. Furthermore, eating around the clock is often suggested.

Best Tips For Swimming With Your Baby

baby swimming

Are you swimming with your baby this summer?

Taking your little one to the pool can be an exciting experience. Babies naturally love water. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your little one with you next time you go swimming.

For tips on swimming with your baby, check out the rest of the article below.

baby swimming

Getting Started

Before jumping in the pool with your baby, you need to have a plan. Below highlights the important aspects to consider when in the pool:

  • Check that the water is warm enough. If he’s under 12 weeks old, the pool needs to be heated to 32ºC. Any older, and 30ºC should be fine.
  • Don’t spend too long in pool – 20 to 30 minutes is plenty.
  • Don’t submerge your baby unless supervised. This can be fun for both of you but should only be done in a class or with a professional.

Whenever infants or toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm’s reach to provide active supervision. We know it’s hard to get everything done without a little multitasking, but this is the time to avoid distractions of any kind. If children are near water, then they should be the only thing on your mind. Small children can drown in as little as one inch of water.

For new pools or hot tubs, install multiple drains in all pools, spas, whirlpools and hot tubs. This minimizes the suction of any one drain, reducing risk of death or injury. If you do have drains, protective measures include anti-entrapment drain covers and a safety vacuum release system to automatically release suction and shut down the pump should entrapment occur.

baby swimming

In The Pool

Make sure you’re relaxed and keep eye contact as he’ll take all his cues from you. Swirl your baby around in the water and even trickle some water gently over his face and head if he’s happy.

One of the best ways to keep your kids water-safe is to enroll them in swimming lessons, as it can aid water awareness, build confidence and it’s a great way to bond with your baby. Enrollment at four to six months is a good time to start.

To conclude, swimming is one of the best activities your baby can do and it’s amazing that, before the age of three, you can teach him one of life’s core skills. If you go gently, introducing him to the water in a measured, sensitive way, you’ll instill not only a lifetime’s confidence, but open up a whole new magical underwater world, providing healthy enjoyment for years to come.